SherwinJTB aka Sherwin John Tan Baniqued
SherwinJTB aka Sherwin John Tan Baniqued

Hey! My name is Sherwin Baniqued and welcome to my website.

SherwinJTB is simply my name Sherwin with its initials that stand for John Tan Baniqued. If you happened to have come here by accident then that’s okay. You are not alone. I’ll be here for as long as God allows. I grew up following Jesus’ footsteps. If you don’t know Him then that’s okay too. There’s so many things that can make anyone lose focus on what really matters in life. Don’t let the people who criticize you put you down. Enjoy life the way you want to because life is way too short. Smile and laugh often.

I noticed I should really add some more content on this page. I’ll get around to it some day. All the best to anyone who comes by.