Greetings and welcome to my personal website SherwinJTB.

My name is Sherwin Baniqued.
I received my Diploma of Community Services (Case Management) in 2016.
I have been an Australian citizen since 1992 and was born in the Philippines.
I am currently living in Dandenong, Victoria (Australia).

Mission and Vision of SherwinJTB.
SherwinJTB is my online name that I use over the internet.
SherwinJTB loves to share stories about his personal life and experiences.
Stories that are shared for people to read and learn something new.
Profits are made through online publishing.
SherwinJTB serves people who seeks help with depression.
Help can be in the form of referrals and research.
SherwinJTB has a commitment to solve issues related to depression.
SherwinJTB works in a calm and peaceful environment at home.
SherwinJTB dreams of a world free from depression.

Schedule of SherwinJTB.
Diablo 3 Wednesdays (YouTube).

Thank you for visiting SherwinJTB and have a great day!