I have been living in Australia for 30 years and our communities are on the decline. Businesses are going elsewhere and many people have found themselves homeless. My latest accomplishment was completing a Diploma in Community Services and my willingness to help people. I don’t have an NGO to get started, but wouldn’t it be great to run my own? If I can perhaps get the funds then this mission will surely happen. My plan can create jobs and help the Australian community. This is an urgent matter as we may be helping people who are in crisis and highly vulnerable.

There are a few objectives I would like to achieve:
1. More support for the homeless.
2. A community home space and team.
3. A life with meaning.

This is my first time asking for help from the world. These projects can become very costly. I really do need a substantial amount of money. Please make my helpful vision come true. The sooner the better.

Thank you for your help!

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