Sherwin 1

8:19 pm

I just ate dinner and climbed upstairs to my room. All alone in my bedroom with the radio turned on in the left of me and a lamp on my right. Honestly, the radio music is making me lose concentration. The room is pretty dark too, but there’s enough light to be able to see my laptop.

8:23 pm

Sitting on my chair in a peculiar way. I want to describe how it looks, but I’m not that great in describing it. I can tell you that both feet are touching the seat of the chair with my left knee up. My left palm of the hand under my chin and the right hand holding my left elbow.

8:29 pm

I have a bunch of stuff that’s going through my mind right now. Many people have pointed out that my thoughts are quite random. Living through three decades of my life can bring in many bits of knowledge; some useful and some not so useful. I don’t plan on knowing everything this world has to offer.

8:34 pm

I’ve been listening to the same radio station for a few months now or perhaps years. Time sure is flying. There’s an issue that bothers me quite a bit. I have friends; however, I don’t count on them to make me happy. Thinking about Jesus makes me feel better. So many events in my life feels like they’ve happened already.