Sherwin 20

12:28 am

I call this my going to sleep post. I ended up playing a bit of Candy Crush Saga again. Currently on Level 539. Somehow I don’t appreciate the fullness of being praised by others. Do I call this perfectionism? I really am beginning to dislike intuition. It’s not something that brings peace of mind.

12:34 am

Just want to go to bed. That time of the day when I don’t really want to think anymore. The radio isn’t helping either. My mind’s so blank right now I have no idea what the other two paragraphs is going to be filled with. Life’s so much easier when I’m not trying to please others.

12:42 am

Okay, I reached point of madness. I’m sure that’s what a lot of people would want to think. I’m getting tired of people trying to put words in my mouth. No-one really wants to be told that they’re crazy, insane, weird, or strange. Unless they really are disturbed. Some people enjoy being criticized.

12:46 am

There’s plenty of broken people in this world. They continue to crack because of the actions of others. It’s really sad that people choose to avoid a healthy solution to simple problems. Wow, the things I say sometimes; makes me want to slap myself. Feels like I’m trying to impress myself.