Sherwin 22

10:38 am

Here’s a list of pleasures I can admit to online; playing games such as Diablo 3 and Candy Crush Saga; watching movies such as anime and Game of Thrones; listening to music that’s old and new. I actually tried out a match making site, but I don’t think anything was happening with it. Nothing wrong with being an adult.

10:42 am

It’s my father’s birthday today. My mother does the usual catering. I’m not sure what’s going on with my sister’s family. I think my uncle and auntie are the only guests that are coming. I didn’t really want to mention it today, but that’s love kicking in. Some people prefer to have their birthdays in secret.

10:47 am

I haven’t planned much for today. It’s a holy weekend. A reminder that Easter is not all about the Easter Bunny, but about Jesus who died on the cross for us. Convicted without doing anything wrong; apart from challenging the authorities in power. People believed strongly in Hell at that time. It’s a very different life-time.

10:50 am

I missed out on the “Blood Moon” a few days ago. I only saw it because of friends on Facebook who posted images. The redness of the sun shadowing behind the moon is quite a phenomenon. I think the rain stopped outside. I usually pray for the rain. It does us Australians good. Thirsty for water and to continue living.