Sherwin 23

12:23 pm

Almost titled the page as the time. Coincidence that I’m starting at 12:23 pm when this is the 23rd post. I ask for forgiveness and let it be the end of that. I no longer hold any grudges. All my life I’ve been trying to live a peaceful life. Locked in my own little room. Am I being selfish?

12:26 pm

I was thinking of doing a little networking to announce my baptism next week. I might have to pass on this. I’ll see how the next few days go first. I limit the amount of people I connect with simply because of time. I don’t have time to make friends with the whole world. Can’t argue with the facts.

12:29 pm

I consider myself a very public person. I have boundaries though. A lot of people may think they know me, but I choose to be intimate with only a select few. My private life can be a mystery to most people. I’d like to keep it that way. It’s not difficult to love others that we don’t like.

12:37 pm

My apologies for viewers of this blog that they don’t learn anything from reading my words. I don’t really plan on teaching anything. I pretend to be an empty canvass and act out the day like I’m fine. Only true to the people who are close to me. I’m not trying to find all the answers even though I have many questions.