SherwinJTB has chosen GoFundMe to help raise funds for our mission and vision. The goal to reach at the end of each year is set at $20k. This money will be used for maintenance costs. Any extra money raised can be used for our local communities. Here is a list of several ideas to get started:

  • Increase employment opportunities
  • Provide food and water
  • Improve government decisions
  • Further education and training
  • Improve safety in our community
  • Reduce poverty and violence

With all organisations, whether they be non profit or for profit, there are costs involved. Although services can be provided for free, the resources are limited. That’s why it is very important to keep a steady cash flow for our cause. Donors are very much appreciated and we thank you deeply for your contributions.

SherwinJTB also rewards sponsors who donate $5k or more. We can add a special mention on our Sponsors page. This can be a great space for public visibility on our website. Please keep in mind that we are not a non profit organisation.

We strive to help our communities one post at a time. The funds can be used to help people most in need of our services. In particular, those who are homeless. SherwinJTB would love to have the money to create a community space where the homeless can stay. This is a big ask because Real Estate is very expensive.

Another passion we have is clean water for everyone around the world. It would be a great feeling to know that wherever we went in this world we could have access to clean drinking water. I’m sure there are plenty of products available right now that could help solve this problem. Technology advancements are a wonderful thing.

In our commitment we will continue to post interesting and quality content on the SherwinJTB website. It is important to us that we build and maintain a high level of trust with all stakeholders. Please continue to support us in any way you can. Be one of the first to donate this year. Thank you very much.

Another option would be to send a maximum of $10k per transaction via PayPal.

Last updated: August 10, 2017.