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SherwinJTB is available to receive Corporate Sponsorship from Online Gaming Companies or other relevant groups.

The Facts of Depression

The leading cause of disability worldwide is depression.
Over 1 million Australian adults experience depression each year.
Over half the people who have depression also experience anxiety.
Anxiety is the most common mental health condition in Australia.

Online PC Gamer

Over 700 million people play online games worldwide.

SherwinJTB serves people who seeks help with depression.

Corporate Sponsorship Proposal

I flew to Australia with my family at a very young age. My parents were busy working and my older sisters were busy studying. Wishing I knew back then where to seek help with issues relating to depression and anxiety. The internet is a great tool to get my messages across. I would like to heal the world with relevant information and support. SherwinJTB is focused on delivering content through internet publishing and broadcasting.

SherwinJTB has a commitment to solve issues related to depression.

The benefits I can offer includes publicity on my website and social networks.
My target audience is locally in Dandenong, Victoria (Australia) and can expand globally in the gaming industry.
Sharing of my stories can include interests and ideas from a variety of topics.
Textual and visual content produced are of high quality.

SherwinJTB dreams of a world free from depression.

Corporate Sponsorship Annual Program Package

Benefits Included:
Exclusive Naming Rights (One Sponsor per year).
6 minute YouTube Game-Play video with Commentary uploaded every week.
Logo and Details on Sponsors page.
Advertising in Social Media Networks.

Please note:
Design of this package is negotiable.
SherwinJTB treats this partnership package as a full time job (35 hours per week).

Last updated on 20th of March, 2017.